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Logging at Full Cycle WoodWorksWe want to keep the earth green and keep the water pure. We believe in working with the watershed in the woods. Here in Tennessee, as well as many other Southern States, there are presently NO logging regulations whatsoever.

We at Full Cycle Woodworks choose to follow the Voluntary "Best Management Practices" as suggested by the state when we log. This means we use erosion control, stay out of creeks, and do not "highgrade" (cut only high grade trees- leaving crooked or diseased trees to form the canopy).

That's Roy up there working hard to bring lumber from trees to your home.

Roy, as well as three other employees here at Full Cycle, have completed the Tennessee Master Logger Program. This is a training program given by the Tennessee Division of Forestry, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, The Tennessee Forestry Association, and The University of Tennessee Extension. It is designed to improve the safety, quality, productivity, environmental awareness, and professionalism of the Tennessee logging industry.


Sawing lumber at Full Cycle WoodWorks, Inc. Rogersville TennesseeRoy really does it all! Now he is sawing using a Wood Mizer saw mill.

These mills get the most out of our logs-yielding as much as 1/3 over standard scale.

This is currently one of the most efficient uses of our natural resource base. We saw all grades of logs, thus utilizing the whole tree. We then target the appropriate grades to specialized markets FAS (best grade) to furniture makers, common grades to flooring and paneling.

At Full Cycle we add value to the logs by sawing them into lumber and add value to the lumber by kiln drying and manufacturing finished products. We further add value by installing the flooring and paneling we manufacture.

Value-adding is a way for Full Cycle to compete favorably with large lumber companies that use mostly high grades of lumber ultimately leading to a condition in our forests known as high-grading. Simply put, high grading leaves our forests with lower quality trees to create the forest canopy making it difficult for better trees to grow . It also changes the species mix in the woods affecting wildlife habitat and the balanced ecosystem.

Dry Kilns

Checking moisture levels at Full Cycle WoodWorks, Inc. Rogersville TNDaniel and Roy check the lumber for moisture content using a moisture meter.

We air dry lumber to below the Fiber Saturation Point~ 18-25% then kiln dry it to ~ 6-8%.

Drying our own lumber enables us to control our schedule. Therefore, the grade, quality, and species we need for our fully integrated system (from logging to manufacturing and installing finished products) is available as we need it.

We then stack it in our heated warehouse ready to make finished products.

As well as drying our own lumber, Full Cycle also custom dries lumber for local landowners and furnishes the option to surface and straight line rip making the lumber ready for do-it-yourself projects. We also mill our customer's lumber to flooring and trim.

Having our own drying facility helps us to maintain a diverse and unique inventory of kiln dried wood species such as basswood, sycamore, sassafras, mulberry, elm, and other lesser used Appalachian woods. This ultimately helps to maintain a more balanced ecosystem and preserve the quality of our environment, while we offer our customers a diverse selection of lumber.

Contact us for those special dried lumber species and for your own wood drying needs.

See our Products Page for details on our Dry Kiln Lumber Products.


Millwork at Full Cycle WoodWorking Inc. Rogersville, TNWe can plane your lumber.

We can straight line rip your lumber.
We can turn your lumber into moulding with the profile of your choice.
We have an approach to milling lumber that is consistent with our sustainable lumber philosophy.

Milling our lumber is a way to add value to the lumber we have brought in from our forests. We use all grades of lumber. This helps keep a balance in the woods of different species and types of trees. A balanced ecosystem will help preserve our forests so future generations will have high quality lumber available.

High grade lumber is milled into mouldings and sold to furniture makers and artisans. We mill lower grades of lumber into flooring and paneling thus adding value to lumber less economically attractive to larger commercial operations. The process of using all the harvestable lumber in a stand of trees takes longer than utilizing only high grades, but we believe it is a good way to help maintain and preserve our forests.

We offer our land management services to small landowners who are conscientious about how they use their forest resources. In Appalachia 60% of the land is forested and 80% is held by small landowners. By offering our services to small landowners we hope to make a positive impact on our environment for future generations.

We plane and straight line rip lumber on request

Plane - $.30 per linear foot

Straight Line Rip - $.25 per linear foot

See our Products Page for examples of our Millworking.

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